Urgent Relief

If you are struggling because of poor sleep there are a few measures you can immediately take.

  1. Consult your doctor and arrange a sleep study
  2. Stop sleeping on your back. Either side is good, particularly your left side
  3.  Sleep with a raised pillow or 2 pillows
  4. Avoid alcohol or eating food at least 3 hours before retiring to bed
  5. Start exercising regularly. Walking or swimming of an afternoon or evening is good exercise
  6. Become aware of your breathing and attempt to inhale and exhale only through your nose
  7. When inhaling breathe all the way to your diaphragm and never shallow breathe

In future posts I will explain why these measures should be immediately adopted.

As far as 6 and 7 are concerned these measures need to be properly taught by a breathing retrainer and you need to practise them as instructed. If you are a mouth breather, like I was, the respiratory settings in your brain need to be altered. And this takes time and significant adjustment.

Remember we breathe at least 20,000 times each day. So  never underestimate the benefits which can flow from good breathing habits.

After your sleep study the use of a CPAP machine may be prescribed. That is fine as an interim measure – until you obtain some relief from quality sleep. But for me, and many others, CPAP may not be a long term solution.


  1. Paul Rodriguez says:

    That’s a pleasure David. I am here to pass on to you the benefits of my journey.
    I highyly recommend that you read my post “Why should we only breathe through our nose?” as you will gain a greater appreciation of how important nasal breathing is to our health.
    Good luck in regaining control of your own health and let me know if you have any questions at all.

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