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I wake now with much more energy…. for a much better life

Further to attending a presentation by Paul Rodriguez about his own experience on how he succeeded in getting over sleep apnoea and, most importantly, getting over the side effects that it was causing him, I decided to engage in the Buteyko Course he proposed. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnoea and being desperate I bought the sleeping machine recommended to me. It did not help my sleep and I was still feeling very tired every morning.

Through the Buteyko technique I have learnt how critical it is to change my breathing from mouth to nose breathing and Paul showed me all the benefits of it. A simple exercise has been to use the technique while cycling. During a deep effort, I found myself with much more energy while breathing from my nose. I could therefore attempt longer efforts without being exhausted and breathless.

Paul Rodriguez, as a certified Buteyko Instructor, showed me how to apply the technique in my daily life and activities. It does require self discipline to change years of bad breathing. But the improvements are quickly noticeable. I have a much better sleep. I wake now with much more energy that lasts during the day. This technique also helps me to address more calmly the sudden stressful events of the day.

Self-care is so important and I would highly recommend you to open yourself up to this breathing technique for a much better life.