We teach people to normalize their breathing so as to improve their sleep and their health.

Free Information Seminar

Mindful Buteyko Breathing Course or Consultations


Free Information Seminar

Before deciding to enrol in the Course or enrol in a minimum of 2 Consultations you may like to view an Information Seminar.

The seminar will provide useful information on:

  • An overview of the Course
  • The science behind Mindful Buteyko Breathing
  • The history of Mindful Buteyko Breathing
  • My personal experience with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Breathing strategies you can adopt immediately to improve your quality of sleep and reduce your symptoms

You may watch the Information Seminar here :



Course Enrolment

If you have decided to attend the Course via Zoom please complete the Course Enrolment and Payment form.

When we receive your Course Enrolment Form we will contact you to arrange times and dates which suit you.

Following completion of the Course many people experience significant improvement in their condition and their symptoms. Those conditions include sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, asthma, hay fever, allergies, sinusitis, anxiety, chronic fatigue and emphysema.

The Course includes follow up support for 3 months as necessary. That support includes email and telephone contact and if requested, support via Zoom.


Consultation Enrolment

If you prefer to attend via Zoom a minimum of 2 Consultations please complete The Consultation Enrolment Form below:


When we receive your Consultation Enrolment Form we will contact you to arrange times and dates which suit you