About Paul

Paul is a practising lawyer of over 30 years’ experience. For the past 12 years he has conducted his own legal practice specializing in building and construction law disputes. For 3 years or so he practised as a mediator.

He is married to Deb who is a family law barrister. They both have 2 children each from a former marriage.

Although Paul had sleep apnoea for many decades he only consciously became aware of problems with his sleep over 6 years ago. For many years he endured a lesser quality of life as he struggled with poor sleep and its consequences.

Paul regularly suffered headaches, had low energy levels, suffered with anxiety and depression and often found it difficult to concentrate. He was also overweight. He appreciated that his eating and exercise habits could have been better.

But with hindsight he learned that the underlying problem was related to his breathing. Once Paul’s sleep apnoea was diagnosed following a sleep study he began his odyssey of discovery. That journey led him to undergo both conventional and unconventional medical treatments.

The health benefits Paul obtained from changing his breathing were (and still are) nothing short of amazing. He regained energy, concentration and a sense of calm. He lost almost 10kg in weight and overcame lethargy, anxiety and depression. He no longer suffered headaches.

Paul wrote Breathless Sleep…no more as he did not want others to endure the suffering that he endured. His mother was a very unwell person. Paul now believes that most of her ailments were related to her sleep apnoea. But she was not given the opportunity to address her sleep disorder as it was not medically diagnosed. She died younger than she should have and while many of her medical ailments remained unresolved.

Following publication of his book Paul was made a Fellow of Buteyko Professionals International, the world’s leading authority on the Buteyko Method of breathing.